Mützelfeldt shipyard Cuxhaven

Door system Mützelfeldt shipyard, Cuxhaven: In September 2005, Cornils GmbH won the tender for extending the production hall as 2-aisle structure of 38.00m length, 40.00m width and 13.70m height. Transport of components from the hall required an opening on the eaves side of 23.00 width and 9.00m height. For this problem – installing a door suitable for opening dimensions of 23.00 x 9.00m – Cornils GmbH was able to find the solution:

The dimensions and the structural requirements due to the exposed position directly on the mouth of the Elbe river suggested selection of the 5-wing hangar door from steel. This construction is only an advantage if roller gates and sectional doors are technically not feasible.

The door system consists of 5 sliding door wings of the dimensions of 4.70m x 8.95m each. They are operated by means of 2 electro-motors in the exterior wing. All 5 door wings are inter-connected by means of a rope system; they can be driven simultaneously in the 5 successively arranged rails. The rail system has a drainage system that can be optionally equipped with a rail heating. The planking of the door was produced from sandwich panels of 40mm thickness.

Since its completion, the construction has proven itself as an effective, robust door system.