Dr. Bode, Isernhagen

Here Cornils built a research and development hall for vehicle technology. In the administrative wing we realized a glass fa├žade as post-and-beam construction; in the hall area we installed sandwich panels with concealed screw connection. The hall was built with a KAL-Zip aluminium roof with sub-casing/acoustic panel. The dimensions of the hall are 24.4 x 32.2m; the administrative wing is 24.5 x 10.2m.

In the area o the administrative wing a 2-storey large-area glazing structure, consisting of sun screen glass (Infrastopp Brilliant) was installed. In addition, the building received a reinforced concrete intermediate ceiling and an arched roof.

Construction time was 4 months, from August to mid-November 2002. The building was erected in Isernhagen- Kirchhorst.