ReferencesSpecial door systems

DHL Leipzig

Hangar large door system (2 bays sufficient for 2 A380), door system specifications 230 x 30m, mass ca. 350t, 6 door segments, movable over the whole width, ca. 600 mm door segment depth, 3 e-heated rail systems, PLC-control system in each door segment. (ca. 38 x 30m), fire fighter remote operating... [more]

M├╝tzelfeldt shipyard Cuxhaven

Door system M├╝tzelfeldt shipyard, Cuxhaven: In September 2005, Cornils GmbH won the tender for extending the production hall as 2-aisle structure of 38.00m length, 40.00m width and 13.70m height. Transport of components from the hall required an opening on the eaves side of 23.00 width and 9.00m... [more]

Immelmann Barracks Celle-Wietzenbruch

Hangar door system from aluminium with GRP-filling, size ca. 120 x 9m, with corresponding drives and controls. [more]