ReferencesSpecial constructions

EXPO 2000 Hannover, Italian pavilion

Steel construction works - rotunda on welded tubular supports with inclined ramps as access routes, intermediate level and cupola-roof, ca. 1,280t steel, execution time March – May 2000. [more]

EXPO 2000 Hannover, Spanish pavilion

Steel construction works for a pyramid-shaped construction with special architectural highlights and a statically complex welding construction, 850t welding profiles [more]

EXPO 2000 Hannover, Finnish pavilion

Steel construction works, e.g. connecting stairs and façade sub-structure [more]

CeBit Hannover 2004

Stand of Deutsche Telekom AG

Ellipse-shaped steel construction for receiving a decorative cladding with visual light-effects, ellipse 60m long, 30m wide from bent square profile 350 x 12mm (total weight ca. 25t) borne by supports of 6.50m height, cladding of the ellipse with 126m aluminium facing, diverse steel constructions... [more]

CeBit Hannover 2005

Conversion of the ellipse, additional production of ca. 25t cantilevers from QR 160 x 6.3, diverse steel constructions for special presentations. [more]

CeBit Hannover 2006

Conversion of the ellipse to 70m length and 30m width, manufacturing of a football of 5.6m height from RR 80/40/5, manufacturing of a multi-media cube, side length 5.6m on rotating axis, diverse steel constructions for special presentations. [more]

CeBit Hannover 2007

Amorphous steel girder from 40t steel to receive aluminium/cloth construction with visual light effects, additionally diverse special components. [more]

Christmas pyramid 2005, Hannover

Manufacturing, delivery and installation of the steel sub-structure, for a hexagonal, one-storey Christmas pyramid, in container construction, incl. delivery of connection devices for the wood construction and the winged wheel. [more]

World Cup fan shop 2006 (later Christmas pyramid)

Conversion and reinforcement of the existing construction of the 2005 Christmas pyramid and extension by one storey as meeting point and fan shop for the World Cup 2006 in Germany. For Christmas, this basic concept is converted to form a 2-storey Christmas pyramid. [more]

Municipality of Celle

Visible roof construction from steel lattice formwork binders for the convention centre Congress Union Celle, ca. 125t [more]