ReferencesConstructive steel constructionProduction and logistics buildings

Dispatching terminal Dradenau, Hamburg-Finkenwerder

1,300t steel hall construction for 44,000m² of covered surface up to 73m wingspan, 24m centre-to-centre grid. 8 weeks installation time. [more]

Paradiesfrucht GmbH, Salzwedel

Processing hall and warehouse, ca. 54 x 77 x 7m, ca. 200t galvanized steel construction with projecting roofs and platform sub-structures for system technology incl. roof and façade cladding. [more]

Zajons Logistik GmbH, Melbeck near Lüneburg

Warehouse for alternative fuels Width 66m, length 60m, eaves height ca. 10.5m, ca 300t steel construction partly exterior girders, F30 coating Construction time ca. 6 weeks. [more]