Leonhard Weiss GmbH

Railway bridge MUEG, Braunsbedra Box girder bridge of 29m length, 4.5m width and a transport weight of 49t – produced, delivered and installed. Installation with 2 railway cranes crossing a river for deliveries to a coal power plant. [more]

East Hannover Railway

Railway bridges for the route system of the East Hannover Railway (OHE), produced, delivered and installed and converted and reinforced existing ones. Double supports and twin supports as well as tied arch bridges were used. The bridges were executed directly for the principal as well as for track... [more]

Hofschröer building company, bicycle bridge Neue Ochtum

New construction of a pedestrian and bicycle bridge as air-tight welded, arched box-shaped main girder, wingspan ca. 30m. The bridge structure consists of weather-resistant construction steel (Corton steel); it was completely sand-blast in order to achieve an even rust-brown corrosion layer. The... [more]

Norddeutsche Affinerie GmbH

New construction of a media and pedestrian bridge for Norddeutsche Affinerie in Hamburg across the Müggenburger canal. Execution of the steel construction as lattice girder construction, length ca. 73m. Cornils received the order at the end of October 2006 and handed over the bridge for use – in a... [more]