Heliport Expo 2000

The heliport was provided with glazing and an insulated construction with grating. Furthermore, a flat roof was built near the heliport. Cornils constructed these building as turnkey projects. The structure realized was the heliport in Hannover on the Expo grounds. [more]

EADS, Hamburg-Finkenwerder

EADS Airbus hall 9, 3rd terminal line, steel girder for assembly hangar An important constructive feature is the crane lane system that was mounted to the lower boom of the binder and that had to be designed with low tolerances due to the crane lane intersections. [more]

Tower Fassberg

Here, an aviation tower in Fassberg was constructed. The tower was executed with a platform of the turret of the tower with a surrounding catwalk from grating and at a weight of 10t; in addition we built an outside stairwell. The tower was given a non-bearing aluminium façade of the Schüco system.... [more]

Deutsche Airbus GmbH, Stade

Hall 60, steel construction works 3 aisle hall construction, width 145m, length 231m, ridge height 28m, crane lanes for suspended cranes, binder as lattice girders, supports partly from box girder profiles; ca. 3,300t lock construction as a separate building, length: 110m, width ca. 25m, steel... [more]

St. Bonifatius Hospital, Lingen

Helicopter landing pad on the hospital roof of the old structure, overall ca. 85t galvanized steel, ca 100 t heavy load grids as well as 530m² VA-tub. [more]

DFS Deutsche Flugsicherung GmbH (German Air Traffic Control) Berlin-Tegel

New construction of a radar tower as steel grid construction, total height 40m; consisting of ca. 40t steel grid construction as sub-structure for the new radar tower and an “old” construction, ca. 60t (radar tower dismantling in Hamburg) as upper part of the radar tower on the new location in... [more]