Metal construction

Metal construction

Our products include specifically:

  • Metal and glass facades, as representative figureheads for all buildings
  • Doors and windows, from heat-insulated aluminium profiles in all RAL colours.
  • Smoke protection and T-30 fire protection doors as well as F 30 % F 90 fixed elements in steel and aluminium with approval for manufacturing and installation
  • Projecting roofs and winter gardens where you feel free without being outside
  • Stairwells, straight, spiral, free-bearing as well as staircases
  • Railings, for inside and outside in steel and stainless steel
  • Gates and fence systems in various colours that create a good impression even at a glance
  • Balconies for old and new structures
  • Special constructions from metal and glass

Our products provide many advantages due to the use of aluminium, stainless steel and galvanized or coated steel…

…design flexibility,
…short construction times,
…high execution quality,
…economic efficiency,
…resistant against weather, corrosion and deformation

Our construction is economic: Fast and competitive!

We provide individual problem solutions in the area of modernization and restoration of existing objects. It is a special task to preserve what is historic and supplement it with modern technology. Pre-set balconies and glazed stairwells lend residential buildings a new face.

For further information and details please visit the website of the MTG Metalltechnick.