CompanyPhilosophy & History

Company philosophy

  1. Quality-oriented production and installation
    Quality to us means the absence of problems within production and installation. Our objective is sale, production and installation of steel halls and components of any size, type and any degree of complexity at fair market prices. We recognize the requirements of our customers and of the market quickly and flexibly. Therefore, technical advice service, customer care and adherence to delivery dates are a matter of course for us. Quality-oriented production is also achieved by tidiness and cleanliness throughout the company as well as by the quality-consciousness of all our staff.

  2. Motivated team
    Our team of qualified and motivated staff who is eager to provide service forms the basis of our success. Therefore, all our employees have the opportunity to receive further training in their field and to develop their own career according to their own plan.

  3. Conduct of partnership with our customers and suppliers.
    Acquiring new customers and suppliers and long-term cooperation as partners with these businesses for us is essential in order to secure the future of our company.

  4. Technological lead.
    In all our activities we are interested in continuous further development of our technological competence and improvement of our production and installation; therefore we are open to unconventional ideas and innovations of all kinds. Combined with the use of cutting-edge technologies and with the expert know-how of our staff and business partners we are striving to achieve a technological lead over our competitors.

  5. Development and care of new markets.
    Our attention is not only focused on the existing market but also directed towards new markets that can currently not yet be categorized as lucrative, however have potential for development.

  6. Optimization of profits
    To maintain long-term presence in the market it is necessary for us to operate profitably. We achieve this only by optimally using our company’s resources (staff, materials, machines, capital, time), by making economically sensible investments, by balancing costs and profit in acquisition and sale and by systematically avoiding mistakes in all areas of our company.