08.11.07 11:46

Cornils has been awarded the order to build two bridges on the premises of the Norddeutsche Affinerie in Hamburg.

These are one street bridge and a media bridge across the Müggenburg canal on the premises of the Norddeutsche Affinerie in Hamburg.

Last year, Cornils GmbH was able to realize the order for the new construction of the first media bridge within a construction time of only 8 weeks. The installation concept developed by Cornils was convincing in all its parts. The actual process of floating in the new bridge construction was completed in ca. 45mins.

The bridges to be newly constructed both have a wingspan of 66.30m each.

The order volume of Cornils GmbH includes, apart from delivery and installation of the bridges, also the conceptual and technical processing.

The street bridge was realized as arch bridge with suspended deck. The width of the bridge is about 8.00m; height of the arch ca. 9.00m.

The media bridge was realized as a lattice framework bridge with a width of 5.45m and a height of 6.50m.

The schedule for completion is again very tight. However, we are confident that Cornils will master this challenge.

This way, we would like to thank Norddeutsche Affinerie for the trust they have put in us.

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